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    Walter Day was born in Oakland, California on May 14, 1949. His first home was in nearby Alameda, followed by some time living in Hayward and San Leandro. In 1950-1951, Walter’s family lived in student housing while his father, Walter Aldro Day, Sr., attended UC-Berkely to obtain a degree in accounting.

    By 1951, the family had moved to Southern California and was living in Encino, where his sister Pamela was born on August 27, 1951. The next few years found the Day family living in both Hawthorne and Wilmington. On October 30, 1954, the family bought its first home, becoming the first family to move into a brand new neighborhood in the booming town of Anaheim.

    Living only 1 mile from Disneyland, the Day family was one of the amusement park’s pioneering visitors in its first week of existence, opening July 17,1955.

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